Poster Call LLF 2021

Poster Call Landscape Forum Gdansk 2021

We invite individuals or groups of people are to submit a poster to be presented at the landscape forum.  This call is addressed to forum participants

The project presented on your poster may relate to practice, research or education – cross-cutting approaches are welcome.

The forum addresses all landscape-related disciplines.

Student projects may be submitted as well. There is also a separate call for doctoral students.


The four established thematic groups will continue their work by exploring the coastal landscape of Gdansk in Poland. The poster exhibition will be categorized accordingly. Please make sure that your project is related to one of the four focus areas or one of the two cross-cutting themes:

  1. Cross-border Landscape Vision
  2. Rural Fringe and Foodscapes
  3. Recreation and Tourism
  4. Heritage and Identities
  5. Cross-cutting theme Landscape and Democracy
  6. Cross-cutting theme Landscape and Economy

Contributions from a variety of disciplines including architecture, arts, geography, agricultural sciences, dendrology, economics, environmental psychology, forestry, hydrology and water management, information technology, archeology, ecology, regional planning, social anthropology, sociology, tourism, urban design, etc. are welcome!

Selection process

Representatives of the LE:NOTRE Institute will be in charge of reviewing your contributions (double blind). The purpose of the review is to ensure an overall quality control.  Quality criteria are: relevance, overall quality and originality. Please submit your poster to for review.


Your poster must be submitted for review in digital format (pdf, max. 2MB), suitable for DIN A1 print (594x841mm), and has to contain the respective LLF 2020 header/footer provided on this website (see below). .

The size of text characters should not be smaller than 28pts with a maximum of 300 words; at least half of the poster surface should include images/illustrations/graphs.

The font to be used on the poster is ‘Georgia’. Please do not use capital letters only.

The background color should be bright (white or similar) and text used preferably in a dark color (black, dark blue, …).

Anonymity and submission format

For the blind review the following data need to be included in your poster

  • Title and subtitle
  • theme and subject area (=correct header/footer, provided on this web site further down).
  • In case the project has been done by students information about this has to be given
  • no names/affiliations may appear on the review version of the  poster. However, the upload system will allow you to add this information in a separate field which will not be visible for  the evaluators.

If your poster has been accepted, you can upload the full version including names and affiliation (University/organization, city and country) of all contributors to the review system. Copyright information of images needs to be included.

Submitted posters may be rejected and/or you may be asked to alter the design of the poster in case it does not meet the above requirements, is not suitable as an addition to the ISBN publication (low resolution etc.) or if its contents lack quality significantly.

Header or Footer for your poster:

Layouts will soon be updated for the Gdansk Forum

Theme 1 | Cross-border Landscape Visions

Theme 2 | Sustainable Urban Growth and Green Infrastructure

Theme 3 | Rural Fringe. Foodscapes and Nature Development

Theme 4 | Heritage and identities

 Cross-cutting theme 1 | Landscape and Democracy

Cross-cutting theme 2| Landscape and Economy

Doctoral research can be discussed during the doctoral colloquium. Please use a separate template for this type of submission. You can find all details here.



The selected posters will be exhibited at the Forum venues. Furthermore, accepted posters will be included in the LLF ISBN publication to be prepared jointly by forum participants. For this purpose the abstract of your poster will be used.










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