Themes & Objectives

Workshops, excursions and working groups on six main themes

At the heart of the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum events are four thematic working groups and two cross-cutting groups, in one of which Forum participants are expected to participate actively.  As a member of your group you will work to prepare the themes in advance of the Forum and undertake fieldwork during the meeting using the landscape of the Forum venue city region as a case study. Your involvement will continue after the meeting as co-author of a report based on the outcomes of the Forum.

The 2023 Landscape Forum Stuttgart Region will focus on the landscape of Nürtingen, a medium-sized town located at the southern edge of Stuttgart Greater Region. Nürtingen is a typical example of a transition town linking between the dense urbanisation around the city of Stuttgart itself and the rural areas on the Swabian Alb.

The 2023 landscape forum will explore this landscape by means of four site-oriented and two cross-cutting workshops which are:

  1. Bridging regional and urban blue-green infrastructure
  2. Foodscapes and agriculture in the urban region
  3. Integrated mobility and urban landscape quality
  4. Heritage, identities and cultural practice
  5. Landscape Democracy: Spatial Justice & Co-Creation
  6. Landscape Economy: Energy Transition Pathways

The working groups are in the process of being established and we will publish more details about their programme soon.