Working Group 1: Integrated Landscape Vision (2022)

Working Group 1: Integrated Landscape Vision

with Prof em. Richard Stiles, doc. Ing. Attila Tóth, PhD., Ozge Ogut

This thematic group will address the development of an integral vision for the Emilia Romagna coast on the basis of a systemic analysis of the landscape, this includes a vision and aims for:

  1. landscape framework for the urban fabric, open space, social and ecological systems;
  2. improved landscape accessibility, including solutions integrating sustainable mobility and traffic management, transportation, soft-mobility, and eco-tourism;
  3. the strengthening of  landscape ecological functions and ecosystem services to address climate adaptation and resilience (urban microclimate, flood risks, erosion, soil preservation);
  4. new models of sustainable development focused on the reuse of architectural heritage and its integration of green and blue processes;
  5. balancing the demands of tourism and recreation against the needs for local identity expression, preservation of cultural heritage, well-being, and quality of life.
  6. strategically advance equity, diversity, inclusion and social justice through landscape democracy-oriented design and planning actions.
  7. the economic aspects of landscapes: its drivers, value chains, the balance between public and private benefits can support sustainable development of this coastal landscape.
The transect just south of Cesenatico

Study and planning area

This working group will address the development of a landscape vision for the whole coast of Emilia Romagna. It will build upon results of the working groups on foodscapes, heritage, tourism, democracy, and economy. During the forum it will focus on the transect of Ravenna because many coastal challenges come together in this area.

Planned results

  • A concept for an integrated landscape framework for the coast.
  • A vision and strategy of how this framework can be used as a guidance for spatial development of the coastal area.
  • A set of landscape quality objectives that can be used by the landscape observatory. And a concept of how such a laboratory might be developed for the ER coastal area.

Tangible outputs during the Forum

  • Outcome statement of the Forum
  • A PowerPoint presentation for the final meeting
  • A text of 4 pages for the publication on this vision

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