Urban growth and peri-urban sprawl

Inclusive Urban Green Infrastructure in Munich

Working group coordination:

  • Stephan Pauleit, Werner Rolf (TUM)
  • Christoph Jensen, Uta Stock-Gruber (HSWT)
  • Richard Stiles, Maria Beatrice Andreucci (LE:NOTRE)

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Within this working group, inclusion potentials of Urban Green Infrastructure (UGI) – an interconnected network of green spaces, that benefit people, natural resources, wildlife, townscape and the economy – will be investigated.  Principles and recommendations for UGI planning, design and implementation will be discussed and developed, exploring potentials of inclusion and integration of environmental, social and economic ecosystem services within local communities by the example of the City of Munich, with focus on the “Park Mile in the North of Munich”.  Based on an field trip, impulse and plenum discussion, appropriate planning and design approaches will be explored at three different levels: theoretical, strategic and implementation.

The working group is targeted to landscape architects, planners and architects, as well as researchers, educators, students, NGOs, business developers and decision-makers, interested in actively contributing to the on-going urban political debate.

Englischer Garten in Munich|photo: Stefanie Gruber

Englischer Garten in Munich|photo: Stefanie Gruber