Rural fringe

Inclusive agriculture and local foodscapes in the rurban area

Working group coordination:

  • Fritz Auweck, Frieder Luz (HSWT)
  • Jeroen de Vries (LE:NOTRE)

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The theme group of the rurban area explores the foodscape in the North fringe of the metropolitan area of Munich and makes an integrated spatial analysis of traditional peri-urban agriculture and urban gardening activities. It develops an integral landscape strategy which defines how landscape quality can contribute to regional branding and improve the recreational use of agricultural areas. This strategy aims to integrate the demands of refugees related to food plants and plants related to their home countries. It plans for creating spaces of urban gardening in appropriate green areas. The theme group focuses on how the spatial development of the local food system can produce social and environmental benefits.


Urban agriculture in the urban periphery north of Munich|image: Fritz Auweck