Landscape Perception

Cross-cutting theme: Landscape Perception

Working group coordination

  • Karl-Heinz Einberger (HSWT)
  • Ellen Fetzer (LE:NOTRE)

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We build on the hypothesis that landscape perception is an extended design strategy and a framework for inclusive approaches. This workshop focuses on the individual and disciplinary plurality of perceiving landscape. Reflections on the specifics and backgrounds of this plurality are combined with experiments in aesthetic strategies for extension and intensifying landscape perception.

You only see what you know – The introduction, discussion and practice of contemporary aesthetic strategies in this working group calls Goethe’s statement into question. In search for ways of extending the knowledge about landscapes, aesthetic strategies offer approaches to perception and contextualization of spatial semantic layers beyond the conventional knowledge.

The overall objective is to get a better understanding for the disciplinary viewpoints as a basis for multidisciplinary cooperation. The community perspective might be included as a basis for transdisciplinary reflections.

Landscape perception as a transversal theme across the four focus areas contributes aesthetic practice and artistic strategies to fieldwork, planning and analytic approaches of other disciplines. We will explore the aesthetics of the landscapes under consideration using a variety of methods and approaches. Sharing these aspects with the working groups of the four focus areas will provide them with an additional layer of reflection.

Postcards from the Landscape Form 2017: