Student Competition Zagreb 2019

Learning Landscapes – Zagreb Futurescapes

The fifth LE:NOTRE Institute student competition asked for an integrated learning landscape concept for the river Sava in Zagreb, Croatia, stretching roughly over 32 km. Sava is part of the urban landscape but unfortunately, the connection between the city and its river has been lost. In 1964, the river Sava was regulated after a catastrophic flood . Since then, several projects and workshops have been organized with the goal of reconnecting the river to the city. This competition has generated new ideas for bringing the river back to the city under the overall concept of learning landscapes. This concept embraces participatory, transformative and process-oriented approaches to landscape development and design.

Prize Winning Projects

First Prize: Sava in between

Authors: Nika Miletic, Neza Jelincic, Masa Vertot, Ana Petrovcic, Lucija Pucihar
University: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Second Prize: Zagreb Living City

Authors: Lea Lunder, Zan Lovse, Tilen Tamse, Tea Gombac, Manca Jereb
University: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Third Prize: Bernoulli Effect

Authors: Qingyi Yu, Chen Chuxi, Zhang Jili, Yuan Jingda, Xie Jieran, Lu Cheng
Universities: Huazhong Agricultural University, China

Honorable Mention: Nature and Urban

Author: Zhang Beiming, Wu Mengqi, Li Changzuo, Wang Zhexiao, Wu Yunong, Zeng Yong
University: Huazhong Agricultural University, China

Further submissions

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