Recreation and tourism

Recreation and Tourism in the metropolitan area

Working group coordination:

  • Fritz Auweck, Frieder Luz (HSWT)

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The theme group of the recreation and tourism explores the challenges in the north fringe of the metropolitan area of Munich and makes an integrated spatial analysis of recreation qualities, infrastructure and needs as well as the relevance of the area for national and international tourism hot spots. It develops an integral landscape strategy that defines how landscape quality and infrastructure can contribute to life quality and tourism. This strategy aims to integrate the demands of refugees and all the different groups of population living or coming to the northern part of the Munich area. Also the different cultural needs for recreation related to their culture of their home countries. It plans for creating or improve spaces for recreation and tourism activities. The theme group focuses on how the spatial development of recreation and tourism possibilities and qualities can improve life quality in the northern fringe of the Munich area especially focusing on the needs of the different population groups.


Scenic view into the urban periphery north of Munich|image: Fritz Auweck