Online Lectures Landscape Forum Zagreb

Online Lectures Landscape Forum Zagreb

This online lecture series aims at presenting preparatory information on the context of the Zagreb landscape forum. The series is not only addressed to the forum participants. Anyone interested in the Zagreb landscape can join in online.

The lectures take place in an online seminar room. You can access the room via this link. You can enter via the guest access simply by typing your name.

Tuesday, 26th of March, 17 pm CET

Axel Timpe, landscape architect, RWTH Aachen University, Institute of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Architecture: ProGIreg methods and the Sesvete project  

Tuesday, 26th of March, 18 pm CET

Jeroen de Vries, LE:NOTRE Institute, landscape architect / researcher: Typology of urban agriculture and approach for foodscapes

Wednesday, 27th of March, 18 pm CET

Ana Kučan, landscape architect, director at Studio AKKA; professor at University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Landscape Architecture: Green Infrastructure

Monday, 1st of April, 17 pm CET

Jelena Zlatar Gamberožić, sociologist, Faculty of Humanistic Science: Urban Transformation of Contemporary Zagreb

Monday, 1st of April, 18 pm CET

Rene Lisac and Kristina Careva, architects, City Acupuncture: Green Infrastructure Development – Presentation of the method implemented through the project “Zagreb For Me”

Wednesday the 3rd of April at 17 h CET

Valentina Gulin Zrnić and Tihana Rubić: Urban gardens: politics of space and community building

Wednesday, 3rd of April, 18 pm CET

Irena Đokić, economist, Institute of Economics: Urban and spatial economics of Zagreb region

Thursday, 4th of April, 17 pm CET

Bojan Baletić, architect, aculty of Architecture: Borongaj Campus: Architecture and Landscape – through the economic and spatial preparation/planning of the project to the potential remediation of abandoned military areas and new settlements