Lecture Series Rimini Landscape Forum

Rimini Online Lectures

This lecture series aims at sharing knowledge about the landscape context of Rimini and its hinterland. The series supports the international student competition teams and the forum participants who will gather in Rimini in April 2022.

Lecture programme and recordings

October 13, 2021: Introduction to the project area and the planning system

with Deni Ruggeri, Ellen Fetzer and Angela Santangeli

October 20, 2021:Competition deliverables and systems thinking

with Deni Ruggeri and Ellen Fetzer

November 3, 2021: Local identities

with Andrea Conti, SLU Uppsala, Sweden

November, 10, 2021: Rimini Heritage Landscape

with professor Andrea Ugolini, University of Bologna, Italy

November, 17, 2021: Ecosystem Servies

with Riccardo Santolini (University Urbino) and Maria Beatrice Andreucci (La Sapienza University, Rome)

November 24, 2021: Tourism drivers and temporary use of the colonies

with Alessia Mariotti, UniBo, Silvia Capelli and Elisa Giagnolini, NGO ilpalloncinorosso.it

December 1, 2021: Mobility and the regional landscape planning system

with Laura Punzo (Regione Emilia Romagna) on the planning system and Elisa Conticelli, (University of Bologna) on Sustainable Mobility:

December 9, 2021: Ecosystem Services and the Marecchia River

with Maria Beatrice Andreucci, La Sapienza University in Rome: