Landscape and Democracy

Cross-cutting theme 1: Landscape and Democracy

Bratislava team: Lucia Štefancová; LNI coordinator: Anna Szilagyi-Nagy

The landscape belongs to everyone. We should all have equal access to it and a voice in how it is used, valued and maintained. Planners and designers are therefore required to understand better which narrations, power structures and conflicts are hidden in an urban landscape. Conflicting interests exist in any landscape. But they also generate dialogue and can lead to better alternatives, if a community-based communication process is designed well and without predefined solutions.

The participants of this workshop will join the forum with a shared idea of how to look at the landscape from a landscape democracy perspective and collaborate closely with the local NGOs, stakeholders and citizens.

This working group will collaborate closely with working group 2 on Sustainable Urban Growth and Green-Infrastructure.

Study and planning area

The study area focuses on the cross-border landscape corridor between Kittsee on the Austrian side and the Petrzalka on the Slovak side.

Our main questions are:

  • What are the main challenges for developing community identity and inclusiveness?
  • How can we make sure that everyone has equal access to landscape benefits and limited exposure to environmental risks?
  • How can we achieve that stakeholders on both sides of the border have the same right to plan and manage their landscapes along the border?
  • How can we build a common identity and citizenship across national boundaries in a shared landscape?
  • Which organisation and management of the landscape, urban development and urban open space can foster social cohesion and sense of community?

Planned results:

  • A stakeholder analysis for the area
  • A landscape concept that fosters landscape democracy
  • A strategy for including stakeholders in sustainable landscape development.