Student Competition LLF 2016

LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2016 Cyprus


The Akamas Landscape – Between Science and Myth

The proposed territory for an astro park next to the Arodes villages. Image: Christos Constantinides

Meet the challenge – take part in the International Student Competition of the LE:NOTRE Institute Landscape Forum!

Hosted by the Neapolis University in Paphos, Cyprus, from 16th – 20th of March 2016 the forum will focus on the north-western region of Cyprus including the peri-urban landscape of Paphos and the natural areas of the Akamas peninsula. The competition area is located in the most eastern part of Cyprus. The objective is to conceive a landscape narrative from the sea to the rural hinterland. The proposed transect starts at the coastline following the Avakas Gorge to the Pano and Kato Arodes Villages, situated at 500 m above sea level. A concept should be developed around the overall themes of sustainable tourism and cultural heritage. The detailing task is to design a park for amateur astronomy and star-watching.

The competition aims to support integrated and holistic approaches to the Akamas landscape through multidisciplinary student teams elaborating planning and design proposals at various scales and around the following aspects:

  • Sustainable visions balancing the interplay of landscape scenery, habitat management, visitor flow and settlement development
  • Enhancing, interpreting and integrating heritage elements and historical layers
  • Concepts for nature-oriented tourism and environmental education focussing on the exploration of natural phenomena (i.e. geology, ecosystems, astronomy) and their translation into the landscape
  • Sustainable traffic concepts, connectivity, enhancing modal shift and increased landscape experience by alternative means of transport
  • Enhancement of ecological functions and ecosystem services of both the protected areas and the surrounding agricultural land
  • Introduction of green infrastructure elements based on a conceptual framework
  • Exploring any possible landscape-based assets creating possibilities for small enterprises in order to foster the landscape’s socio-economic foundation

Participants are asked to submit three posters, one a landscape concept at 1:10,000 and a spatial concept for the villages at scale 1: 5,000 and a detailed concept for an Astro Park.

For more details on submission requirements, timeline and other information please follow the link:


A colloquium in the form of a web conference will be held on Wednesday, 18th of November 2015, at 18 pm CET. Registered participants will be able to submit questions for the colloquium in advance. Make sure to register in time here:

Registration opening October 15th , 2015
Feedback colloquium for registered participants November 18th, 2015, at 18 CET
Latest registration date January 15th, 2016
Entries received January 31st , 2016, at midnight CET
Jury selection February 5th-15th, 2016
Award Ceremony and Exhibition, Pafos, Cyprus March 16th-20th, 2016


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