Doctoral Colloquium

Landscape Forum Doctoral Colloquium 2022

Date and Venue

April 26, 2022, 1300– 1700

City Museum, Rimini

Objectives and target groups

This colloquium is addressed to both current/prospective doctoral students and senior researchers who are supervising thesis processes. It may also be of interest for prospective supervisors who wish to learn from peers about tutoring methods.

The overall objective is to share and discuss methodological aspects within an international landscape research community. The meeting is open to all research themes and methodological approaches. Thematic groups will be formed according to the specifications of the participants.

Meet and exchange, share and take new ideas home  (image: Reza Faisal|creative commons)

Format and how to take part

The colloquium will take the format of an interactive poster session showing methodical approaches of ongoing doctoral projects. Contributions can be submitted as part of the general poster call of the landscape forum. Please indicate your contribution as a doctoral research project. Posters need to be submitted accordings to this model. You can design your contribution on the basis of this InDesign Poster Template  and use this footer image for your poster.

Draft schedule for the doctoral colloquium

13:30 – Welcome and round of introductions

13:45 – 15:3o –  Open space: Identifying your research challenges

15:30 – 16:30 – Interactive poster session

16:30 – 17:00 – Coffee break

17:00 – 18:00 – Campus walk

Website, poster submission and registration

Your poster will be reviewed. Please send your poster to

Participants of the doctoral colloquium are invited to attend the entire landscape forum, but you can also take part in the colloquium only (this is free of charge).  Posters for the doctoral colloquium can be submitted until October 10, 2021. If you submit earlier we can still give you substantial feedback in advance to the meeting.


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