Sustainable Urban Growth and Green Infrastructure

Working Group 2: Sustainable Urban Growth and Green Infrastructure

Bratislava team:  Christian Berger, Karol Görner; LNI coordinator: Richard Stiles, Julia Georgy

There is a high pressure from urban development in the transboundary region of Bratislava. The villages grow because commuters to Bratislava settle in. In the region, there are many forms of fragmentation: administrative borders between countries and districts, physical borders by the expanding network of motorways, the railways and rivers, and social borders between cultures and rural and urban inhabitants. There is a need for improving connectivity and facilitating mobility, which could support the well-being and involvement of local communities. The BAUM2020 project addresses several of these challenges.

Ensuring the connectivity, validation, protection and multifunctionality of the landscape and green infrastructure bears enormous potential for the region and its inhabitants. This should be combined with a sustainable transport network. The green infrastructure network could further support the connectivity and accessibility of the border landscape for inhabitants of Bratislava for recreation and leisure.

Our group will closely collaborate with the landscape democracy team.

Study and planning area

This working group will focus on a selection of rural communities on the Austrian side of the cross-border landscape. We will exemplify how green infrastructure concepts can be elaborated.

Our main questions are:

  • How can the rural area accommodate pressures from urban growth within a sustainable landscape framework?
  • How might we overcome the physical, cultural and social borders in the urban and rural landscape?
  • Which types of urban development and mobility can support the sustainable development of the rural communities?
  • How can  the transboundary landscape become accessible and usable for citizens seeking for recreation?

Planned results

  • A concept (represented on a map) for the landscape framework and green infrastructure for the area next to Bratislava on the Austrian side.
  • A plan for the sustainable mobility in the area both for daily transport and for leisure and recreation activities.
  • A vision for the community development of the municipalities in the rural areas.