Working Group 1: Zagreb Landscape Vision

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A Vision for the Zagreb Landscape

Zagreb team: Petra Pereković, Ines Hrdalo; LNI coordinator(s): Ellen Fetzer, Richard Stiles

The growth and development of cities often pervades existing landscape patterns and is the cause of fragmentation and diminishing landscape values. Until now, the Zagreb Master Plan does not really build upon existing landscape qualities and structures. Integrating the conservation, improvement and restoration of nature, natural functions and processes into spatial planning and territorial development delivers associated benefits for human society. For the urban region of Zagreb a concept and a strategy for green infrastructure is called for, this can contribute greatly to improving quality of life in and around the city.

“Green infrastructure is a strategically planned network of natural and semi-natural areas with other environmental features designed and managed to deliver a wide range of ecosystem services such as water purification, air quality, space for recreation and climate mitigation and adaptation. This network of green (land) and blue (water) spaces can improve environmental conditions and therefore citizens’ health and quality of life. It also supports a green economy, creates job opportunities and enhances biodiversity. The Natura 2000 network constitutes the backbone of the EU green infrastructure.”  (European Commission, DG Environment).

The Zagreb Master Plan pursues a set of strategic goals such as competitive economy, development of human resources, environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources and energy, improving urban quality and city functions, and improving the quality of living. It aims to promote the sustainable use of the entire city space, improving inhabited city areas, and improving infrastructure and transport systems.

Study area:

The study area comprises the City County of Zagreb with a focus on the zone along the Sava river. This group will also integrate the results of the LE:NOTRE Student Competition.

Main questions for the theme are:

  • What are the important elements of the existing green and blue infrastructure in the area?
  • What are weaknesses and threats to the existing ecological network?
  • How can a landscape concept contribute to the strategic spatial goals for the city of Zagreb?
  • Which process model is required for implementation?

Planned results:

  • Defining a set of research questions
  • Identifying international  good practices
  • Outline of an integrated process model for developing green and blue infrastructure for the urban landscape of Zagreb